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6/3/18 by Sax Dma  sax.fhwh@gmail.com

The "Hood Program"

Sax DMA, our International Operations Manager has implemented a new project entitled the ‘Hood Program’.  This program is designed to address children ages 2 to 4 diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition and feed them every day to cure them of this condition.  Once this condition is alleviated these children will now be able to avoid the plethora of symptoms that inevitably cripple the victim’s growth and raise the child’s quality of life.

Children in each community are examined by the Barangay Health Clinic Doctor.  Statistics on each child is recorded and a list of those diagnosed with severe acute malnourishment is created.  These records are filed in the City Hall.  Fight Hunger With Hunger was able to verify the children on the list.  Conventional addresses are non-existent in these areas so going door to door is necessary to find the parents of these children in the hood.  Assistance is given by the local “ Mother Leader” of the community who is familiar with all the occupants in a particular area.  Once they are identified they are signed up for the program.  A multi vitamin, 2 servings of powdered milk, 2 peanut butter sandwiches and 2 hard boiled eggs are provided every day along with enough distilled water for a month for each child at present. 

The areas first addressed have been the Cosme Compound and St Louis Compound of Talon 3 located in Las Pinas of the Philippine Islands.  The ‘Hood Program’ works seamlessly into the grade school feeding program that has already been established by Fight Hunger With Hunger for the past 2 years in the same community.  The combination of these 2 programs will effectively and for the first time nationally eliminate the problem of malnutrition in a local area in our opinion.  With a child no longer under the distress of hunger they can now focus on their studies and compete equally with other peers.  Principal Joy of the Talon 3 grade school has already attested that the beneficiaries of the Fight Hunger With Hungers feeding program in her school has led each child to near perfect attendance, higher grades and more engagement in classroom activities.  A child who is not suffering from hunger will perform better in the classroom and develop the necessary skills learned exclusively at that age.
6/3/18 by Sax Dma  sax.fhwh@gmail.com

Alaska Brand Milk

A visit to Alaska Brand Milk Corporate offices resulted in Fight Hunger With Hunger receiving approximately 10,000 pesos in useable powdered milk product.  This donation is meaningful and we are hoping for access to more products as time goes on.  We will be visiting other corporate offices to work towards partnerships and corporate cooperation. 
Second General Report to the Public
Date:  April 15, 2018
From:  Joe Little, Corporation Vice President

This report outlines the charity’s general progress from April 1, 2017 to April 1, 2018 and delves into challenges, failures, and concerns, along with progress and successes. It is a continuation of the First General Report.

Over the last 12 months, we have developed and established a diversified staff, which is comprised of the following:  our CEO remains in charge, and we have a Vice President and Secretary Treasurer for our United States Operations along with an Operations Director for the United States. The forgoing positions are filled, and I am pleased to say that none of the foregoing receives any salary or financial benefit from their positions and all their hard work is in the form of voluntary service. There was a time in the history of our nation when men of character would dedicate their service to a firehouse and respond to life threatening situations, never receiving any form of payment. Our staff is similarly a volunteer staff.

I am happy to announce that in addition to our 501-C3 United States Charity, we have established an independent, fully approved SEC (Philippine Securities And Exchange Commission) and BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) regulated Philippine Charity Corporation with an approved City Business License for operating a food business.  We have a board of directors made up of both American and Philippine citizens.  Again, no member of our board, officers or directors receives any monetary benefit for the endless hours devoted to the operation of the charity.  Our independent Philippine regulated Charity was necessary as it was the only way we could implement our “Proof of Concept”, which is focused on establishing a profitable business operation that generates funds for our feeding program whereupon, we will ultimately become capable of feeding kids without soliciting money.  Using money that was donated to assist us specifically with our infrastructure development resulted in a custom manufactured kiosk being made, and we launched our food product operation in a major mall located in the Metro Manila suburb of Las Pinas. The kiosk was relatively close to our HQ.  Vista Mall allowed us to offer our product to the mall patrons for two months without cost.  When the cost of mall rental fees were imposed, we vacated as we had accomplished the task of doing our demographics and returned to research and development for product tweaking.  As of this report, we have not returned to a mall but plan to do so soon.

The most satisfying news of this report is the fact that we just concluded an entire school year, having fed 61 children every school day, children who had been diagnosed as malnourished or worse. That is a spectacular achievement. Our supplemental meal consisted of specially formulated USA manufactured rice specifically designed to treat malnourishment, along with an egg and milk, which would not ordinarily be available.  We delivered more than 9,500 eggs to children, more than 217,000 grams of powdered milk, and more than 9,500 meals this past school year.  We have also scheduled meetings to work out the logistics for the coming school year.  In our first year, we had undertaken a total of 17 children and successfully increased that this past year to 61.  We are hopeful that with some outside support from contributors and donations, we will further increase those numbers as we embark on our third year.

Our concern is that with providing meals every school day, that is a good thing, but we will be working to find a way to provide meals every day, including weekends, throughout the school year.  Naturally, another concern is the acquisition of funds to continue our work.  Our CEO has mandated a policy of doing what very few charities are able or willing to do.  We used virtually all donated money doing specifically and only what the donor has entrusted us to do.  In our case, we feed starving, malnourished kids.  If a donor gives us a hundred US dollars, the donor wants or thinks it’s being directed at the kids.  He doesn’t want it to go to a staffer who’s drawing an inflated salary or who wants to buy the new model jaguar. This is an extremely important distinction because charities over the years have lost the trust of the general public and the world by not doing what's expected. Because we have found out first hand that we cannot do it alone, we need the public to stand strongly and confidently behind us. We believe we can earn the trust of people by showing and proving to them that 100% of their contribution has gone towards the cause. We believe that if someone in a world of greed and selfishness has felt compelled to give something from their heart, this giving should fully reach the heart of the poor innocent child. Because this is the mandate, we are attempting to accomplish a lot of our work with bubble gum and rubber bands.  Amazingly, we have still seen exponential growth as a whole throughout the entire organization. Each department has improved and most importantly, the amount of kids we have been able to help is on the rise. With that said, we could certainly use more resources, especially to help us build the organization's infrastructure. Currently, the only way we get any decent tools or infrastructure is from our staff members, who can’t afford it. Still, we keep somehow figuring out how to continue on with the mission because little lives are at stake.

We believe it’s important to remind everyone that although we have seen improvement, there is so much much more that needs to be done, and we really could use help and lots of it!
To help us stay focused on the task at hand, we are modeling ourselves after an inspiring man named “Scott Harrison”, DBA Charity Water, who has proven it can be done.

One of Fight Hunger With Hunger's main goals has been to develop a system that reaches the optimum amount of kids as effectively as possible with a limited budget. The system needs to be one that can be replicated and scaled throughout the country and the world. Although our biggest challenge has been obtaining funds to feed kids, the struggle to find funds has also proven to be one of our greatest advantages. It has taught us how to perfect the art of feeding as many kids as possible with the least amount of money. That money is the money of donors like any of you, who might be reading this document. We had no choice but to learn how to make our feeding program more efficient, and that's exactly what we have done and will continue to do. We are proud and hope you are as well, knowing your donations are not just at work but are very very hard at work, providing the most "bang" of goodness in the world for the buck.


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